Find out how much you would've made if you invested early in a stock

Do you wonder how much you could have made if you invested in a certain stock at a certain point in time? Or how much more you could have made if you reinvested the dividends? No need to wonder anymore, let's find out using our free stock and dividend investment calculator. Stoculator is not just a calculator for investment. It's an investment simulation calculator that analyzes historical stock price and dividend data, and does all the calculations for you.

Its as simple as starting to type a stock ticker or company name to search and select the required stock. Then just enter investment amount and select the start date.

Stock Calculator

Step 1: Search for a stock

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Step 2: Invest amount (....)

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Optional Steps:

Reinvest dividends
Periodic Contribution

We provide a powerful free historical stock investment simulator that goes beyond the basic calculations, giving you a valuable insight into how much you could have made in the stock market in the past. It's also a great tool to teach and show the power of compounding investments and returns in the short-term and the long-term. Find out how much you would have made if you bought Google stock in 1997. Or if you bought shares of Apple in 2000. Or if you bought Tesla stock in 2010.

You could also enable the "reinvest dividends" feature and have a better idea how the investment would've accumulated over time. Additionaly you could enter a contribution amount which would perodically contribute to your investment. For example you could be investing additional $500 weekly, monthly, or even annually.

With Stoculator, you can easily analyze and compare a variety of stocks. Get an in-depth look at past performance in different markets, compare risk levels, and calculate the best investment options for your portfolio.